Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not eating light makes your clothes too tight!!

Okay so im waiting to see what the day has in store for me...becuase its easter my boss told me to have this saturday off, and im not complaining!! Makes me in control of myself, cos i can do more exericise and eat nothing cos no one will be around to watch me hahahah! People at work have picked up that im very fussy with my food.. i always eat with them so they dont have any suspision..but i only eat very low calorie food, whilst my boss eats 10 greasy chicken wings and a big bowl of spaghetti bolognaise pilled on with cheese followed by chips and not 1 but 2 fat slices of lasagna...i have no effing idea where he puts that food, but i guess it shows when you look at him!!!! Although he sees what i eat which is like a cracker,tuna and some tomato..he is trying to eat more like me, but just blows it when he walks into the fridge and eats rocky the moment i am his walking calorie counter everytime he eats something he asks how many calories, and i tell him..but i say its not going to help if you eat cake..and he has this suprised look like.."what?!.im not eating cake"..and then im like "yeah yeah i seen you in the fridge smuggling that cake into your mouth"..cant hide it from me lol.!

Heres my intake for yesterday:

b: slice of wholmeal toast w. smallest bit of butter -90 cal

l: 2 x vita wheat crackers w. tuna,tomato, small squirt of fat free mayo - not sure but ill just say 200 cal

s: 1 weetbix with skim milk - approx 144 cal

d: frozen yoghurt with 2 strawberries chopped 90 cal :)

Total: 524 cal

Wow im in need of some thinspo ladies, heres some inspiration to get us through the day! Even chucked in some reverse hahaha..!




Checking out for the moment...but be back on later today, since i will be trying to take my mind of food and i have the day off :D
Talk soon pretties xx

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  1. haha, that thinspo vs reverse-thinspo is awesome! keep going girl!