Thursday, April 29, 2010

fat ass syndrome!!!!!!!

That was much needed skinnyness that my eyes needed to see!!
awww shit ;( i can count how many times in the last 2 days people have called me pretty to my face and then say "but you got a fat ass" at the end. amount of times = 17 times. its like everyone has got togehter and started bagging me out. fuck the lot of them. i want to stab them in the eyes. THATS IT! those motherfuckers have pushed me over the edge this time, im going hardcore..fuck it, ill do whatever it takes now...before i was soft on myself. but nope, fark it all.
There is a guy at our work who (no shit) looks like a better version of orlando bloom and his such a romeo his like oh your the prettiest girl here..but i dunno whats goin on with your junk in the trunk though. i was like devo :o wtf. what a burn. oh well my boyfriend is way better least he sais he will get me lipo one day haha. his the best boyfriend a girl could ever want, and his sleeping next to me he looks like a little angel..that snores hehe.♥

zomg, the shit that is flying around our work, you gotta duck for cover..cos fuck it was so tense at work..i have a new word in my vocabulary and it is: SKANKCHOPS..and im using this to descirbe a lady at work, becuase thats just what she is to me..well this lady tanya (skankchops) who has the haircut like a mushroom, is the biggest gossip she starts so much shit, but today carlos gave her a verbal thrashing. hahaha she soooo fucken deserved it, she started shit about me saying i was on heroin to loose weight..i was like umm yeah thats the first ive heard of it,phhhft....yet she is a 40 yr old woman who sleeps with 19 yr old men..But seriosuly i think she should go back to school the old washed up 2 cent hooker who dresses like a spice girl and learn how to get a fucken life!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRH. as you might be able to tell i am venting, i have had enough of people commenting about my fat ass. fuckers. ill show them.
well im gonna go to sleep now and dream about skinny lambs jumping over my head. im tired, i went to a yoga class with carlos and im fucked. he kept falling on the floor and i kept bursting out laughing cos we looked fucking hopeless. hehe well off to my nice comfy bed, that is white and poofy cos i got new covers mmmm nothing like new bed sheets...also very good for sexy time ;D
love you my little skinnies♥