Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a mini mia experiance ;)

Alright so im totally sneaking onto the work computer to write this blog entry hehe..!! naughty me! Anyway yesterday i had an encounter with abit of mia,woot. my boss just passed me a peice of cake and i was dumb & weak enough to take it and eat it, but i had a little and then went into the toilet and threw it up, i was kinda happy with myself..is that strange??? I then wrinsed my mouth with water cos i had the acdic taste in my mouth yuck! ewwwwwwwwww

So..for the rest of the day i put a elastic band around my wrist and snapped it incase i felt like binging out and i....WAIT. . . . just got interupted by the fat boy at our work who is eating cake..FFS (for fuck sake) i need privacy here. well his gone cos i told him i need privacy to write something important...well where was i..oh yes, the lacky band helped me out heaps..and it kinda worked but i kinda got over it after a few hours and decided to log onto my blogger account and print out some thinspo and carry it in my pocket..that pretty much worked ;D yays.

Well last night got an un expecting suprise visit from this girl kelly, i mentioned her before in my blog i didnt really like her, but i came home and my boyfriend had invited her and her boyfriend tristan over to have a few drinks cos he saw them in the supermarket..so when i got home looking like a peice of shit after a hard days work smeling like cooking oil, she is sitting on my lounge all dolled up..and i was in a little bit of shock cos the first thing i though was 1. what the fuck is she doing here and 2. i look like shit, holy shit hurry into the bedroom and change clothes!!
lucky its my house so i could check out what she was wearing and make myself look better..im abit of a weirdo i know..its just the way i think..im a very jelous kind of girl..but after i was chtting to her for like 5 hours i realised i was just being a bitch to her before for no reason, its all in my head.. and i actually really enjoyed her company..her dad died and i didnt say i felt sorry for her cos theres nothing i could do, but i said it must be extremmely hard for her loosing some one who was so close for so many years...i actually didnt want her to leave by the end i wanted her to stay over...

so yesterday i have learnt, not to be such a biaaaatch to everyone for no reason, i just am always paranoid that everyone is out to hurt me or soemthing..but i have been burnt alot from girls so thats probly why..well its like a weight has lifted off my chest for not being so negative..i will still be jelous probly but i wont take it out on them i dont think...they dont really deserve my evil wrath of bitchiness i spose.

well intake is:
b: muesli w skim milk & strawberries
s: yoghurt & bran
l: mixed salad: chicken,lettuce,cheese,egg,tomato,cucumber & balsmaic dressing
d: - nothing (like always)
well keep thin & beautiful i will post some more pictures as i dont have any cos im on my work computer...so it must be a boring post today listening to all my blabbering..hehee.
well gtg ciao ciao


  1. dont turn to mia... thats not good for you. i know exactly what you mean with that jealousy. if i go out with my bf and his friends bring their girls too, i always think about what to wear for hours. obut we're soon gonna be the prettiest anyways, yay ;)

  2. for shizz, we'll be the best round town yepp ;D
    i do that aswell and i get annoyed cos i say " i have no clothes" then my bf is like you have millions..just choose something then i feel rushed and i just chuck on something frumpy haha. cant win!!
    yeah i know, i just wanted to get rid of that stupid cake i ate lol...dont really like the burning in my throat =p

  3. I sometimes do it too, when I eat something and feel guilty about it, then toilet is the first place I go to. ^^


  4. Hee girl!
    I only discovered your blog by today, so i still have to read your story..
    I saw that you live in Australia..! I'm going to visit your country in October for 4,5 months! That month is set to be my goal month.. because i MUST be perfect when i go on my big trip! My height: 1,66 meters. My weight: 58 kilo.. GW: 52/50 kilo!
    I love your blog and your thinspo! It sounds weird but i actually get inspired by those pic's of those nasty FAT woman!! It makes me not wanna become like them..!

    Hope to hear back from you..
    Good luck, stay strong!


  5. hey anna21_1989 ;D
    thank you for reading my blog ;D oh wow, i hope you like it when you make the trek over,where are you from?? Im so excited for you, im soo sure you will reach your goal hunni ♥ thankyou, it dosnt sound weird, i post those pics of fat chicks so i dont become like that hehehe ;) id love to keep hearing from you, do you have a blog?? i will follow you
    Good luck to you aswell chicky