Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Boss Read My Blog?? Ooops!!

Aghhhhhhhh! So i have noticed that every night at 7:30pm i get this thing where im this savage beast who is hungry and i want to eat so bad..but i was good i just had a tea, cos warm water supresses the appetite..and i seemed to be okay until 8:30pm...i finish work at 9pm so working with food through these times makes it so much harder for me, but easier to just walk into the fridge and get a snack. Im proud of myself i didnt go into the evil home of food. There is the peice of rocky road just staring at me all day, i picked it up, put it back..picked it up again..and thought not eating that. I swear the other guy at work just cut it and put it there to torture me, cos he knows its my weakness!
Wait, i have to throw this in; i had the best fuck last night! wooo0ooo0ooo! I think i am a sex addict..and thats probly not a lie, everyone at work sais my mind is always on the pepperoni. But if it helps burns the calories, its a double bounus!! ++

Alright so ive had some progress, its been fast and i need to keep working at it or ill stack it back on but ive managed to loose 2.6kgs this week,yay for me! But being me, that is never good enough so ill thrash myself at the gym with really loving the x-trainer and leg press..i dont wanna end up like a sicko with muscly legs though, nice thin toned ones is what i prefer!

Alright since im on my blogger like everyday im totally obsessed. i just had to check it at work, and left it up on the screen, my boss came out of the office and looked at me funny...i talk about him on here all the time so hopefully he didnt read it cos i been calling him fat lol. oh well ooops! he shouldnt of read it! his still fat btw. just lettin you all know hahah.
I know its only thursday, but in my town the local "skank patrol" roam the streets cos its late night shopping and thirsty thursday...which means everyone is out at night partying/shopping. In my town the partying starts on a thursday and ends on sunday night,also there is lots of people with lots of money and they have nothing to spend it on except for alchol,sex or clothes. My dad dropped in a suprise visit yesterday and is only here for 1 day and leaves the next morning, i am lucky to see my dad maybe 2-3 times a year...i hardly ever see him, to see him means alot to me, but thank god he is a health freak he will understand if i dont eat much at dinner, it makes it so much easier for me to have dinner i wont have to put up with those stupid hunger pains! And since its been raining the last few days, its making me more hungrier and sleepier...fuck you global warming, your fucking up ana!
Intake plan for today:
b: muesli w. skim milk
l: 2 x wheat crips w. tuna & tomato,lettuce
s: frozen yoghurt with 2 chopped strawberries ( i have this like everyday becuase it curves the sugar cravings!) 1 x wheatbix w. skim milk
d: -

Anyway i have to hit the gym, talk to you soon my little pretties!! love you all!
Ill dedicate a post just to thinspo soon!!


  1. It seems like you are doing pretty good! I hope your boss doesn't say anything about your blog!

    I'm obsessed with blogger too! I check my blog every hour!

  2. Thanks ;) i need all the motivation i can get :D:D Well he does a fly in fly out roster, so his here for 2 weeks and gone for one..his gone on his hopefully he forgets hehe!!

    Yepp its way better than facebook or twitter. i love this!