Saturday, April 17, 2010

Changerooms,Kilo's,Sex & Caffeine ;)

Sorry my pretties, i have been away for a little bit i have had an incredibly busy week!! Heloooooo to my new followers =D ♥ OHHH and that chick up the top is hella pretty! Well i have lost another KG! Im happy, but as always want more to go heheh. Okay lets start off with when i went shopping with porscha on saturday... I dread changerooms, simply becuase when i try on clothes and they do not fit & cannot fit i get all flustered and i get annoyed... and i look in the changeroom mirror and get so angry at myself for not being able to fit into them. I am a size 8 at the top and size 10 in pants, and i fucking hate it when i want a nice pair of pants that dont fit me and thats the only size they carry in the shop!! ;( bugger. one day i wont have that problem. My chef pants are looking pretty baggy at the moment though, a few of the customers have noticed that they look over sized..but i just say all chef pants look daggy so i get away without leaving them sus of my eating habbits.

Had sexy time this morning, woop! bet you all wanted to know that! but when im on top i have this thing in the back on my mind thinking, fuck i feel like im sqaushing him..but i guess the sex is so good so i forget..but after i think hmm..if only i was 10 more kilos lighter.

Well the german chick at our work left, she was awesome, a few days before she left she was telling me about these caffeine tablets called hydroxycut..and as she was giving me a hug goodbye she pulled out a tampon packet and i was like "what the hell???" 'she is giving me a tampon' lol..and she pulled out these 2 tablets and put them in my hand...and i put them in my pocket before my boss saw. She said they help prevent appetite and loose weight and increse your metobolism. I took one at 1pm yesterday and i felt like i had a headache, and didnt really feel anything..i suppose it was only one tablet though. took the second one at 5pm and about 6pm i was bouncing off the walls like a jumping jelly bean, i had eyes like frypans and i looked in the mirror and they were really bloodshot..but i felt really happy i was zinging around and i was soo happy haha...i actually had a blast, i had so much energy; i was extra chatty and it was like i was egging people on to be happy and it just spread lol. sounds like im a stoner right about now, dosnt it? But i noticed that my metobolism was running a muck i had to go to the toilet so much, but i was drinking a shitload of water and i was pissing like a racehorse. i should have just lived in the toilet for the last part of my shift lol.

I wouldnt reccomend going on them though i woke up this morning and i was still pinging so to get rid of the extra energy i went for a walk., (only burnt like 80 cals according to my ipod haha) but i read on the internet they can give you liver damage & shit. Also being caffeine i thought i would have had problems with my sleep but i had a great sleep...but i guess after long term use, it would fuck you up pretty bad i suppose. so maybe ill just take a couple every now and then..just before the weekend so i feel all spazzy & happy =D

Alrighty intake for the day:
b: wholemeal toast w. butter & vegemite & 250 ml cup of orange juice (lets say 250 cals)
s: mint chocolate ice cream (300 cals) - badddd! but i guess ill treat myself once this week. i eat sugary stuff before 3pm as a rule.
l: garden salad with chicken,tomato,cucumber (150 cals)
d: - nothinnn. i dont eat after 6pm.

Leave me comments, i love you's. ♥♥


  1. I really like your blog xD
    Hahah, for some reason I adore that you included "sexy time" in your no one else does that aha.
    That's so cool you're a chef! :)
    Good luck with tomorrowwww,

  2. Heheee thank you =D i love sexy time, i think im a an addict hehe! Thanks, yepp im still an apprentice but i qaulify in a month yay!!
    Thanks for the luck babe, im gonna need it!

  3. blah! your so lucky my beau and I are constantly at each others throats as iam not sexual enough, perhaps i can learn a few things off you haha... well done on loosing that extra kilo... could you tell me how you get your ipod to tell you how much your burning, I've got a touch ipod

  4. You can have make-up sex hehe!! it will be like angry and stuff lol make it heaps kinky lol... i think i am just a freak, i demand it. i have a really high lebido or something.i dunno. i should have been a guy with my kind of sex drive!

    thank you :D hopefully that kilo stays off ;D

    I have an ipod & it has a video camera in it and im not sure i think its called an iluv or maybe its just a shuffle?? anyway, press menu a few times until your right at the start and scroll down and there should be like:
    video camera
    shuffle songs etc.

    click on should come up with a screen with big numbers and orange background. tells you how many steps,time and calories youve burnt ;) im not sure if all ipods have it or not??? hope that helps

  5. ohh ok hmm i dont think mine has it maybe i can download an application or get one of those nike + ipod thingos or i could just get a pedometer! Anywa keep up the good work I love your blog!

  6. awesome post, i liked reading it very much :D
    omg "sexy-time" always reminds me of borat, so funny!
    congrats on the lost kg and keep up the good work.

    think thin,

  7. thanks chickies ;) ♥
    i love sexy time. haha yepp i love borat! hi-5.
    i bought my boss a mankini for his bday in 2 weeks lmao!!

  8. hahah its a purple one! the green ones all sold out! whats worse is his all furry, his body is like a carpet haha i cant wait for him to go speeding around in his jet ski with it on lmao!!! love it hehheee

  9. Hi I'm Evie, I am followiing your blogs. I think its amazing that your a chef and yet you are able to lose 10kg in 5 months. I want to lose 18kg in 5 months, so I would love to see how you done it so I can compare.

    good luck and best wishes

  10. Heya evie! ;) thanks for following my blog ♥ yeah i did work really hard towards the end of last year to get the weight off , but i did party for 2 weeks straight and just drank and i sweated alot and didnt eat, plus i was having so much sex everyday so i did shred heaps then, but managed to keep that off.
    I will follow you and we can help each other out babe. you too chicky goodluck to you aswell

  11. mmmm seeeeeeeeeeex ;) lol.

    I totally know the size difference on top and bottom. Ugh, I'm a 16 pants, but my ginormous tits make me an 18 on the top.

  12. Haha,I really like that you mentioned "sexy time".LOL ..anyways I'm a new follower and think your blog's really cool!keep it up and stay strong!

    Xoxo Wintergirl
    ps: follow me pls?I'm new ;)