Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fighting Off Cakes,Cookies & Chocolate!!!?!?! =D

Felt pretty damm good when i woke up this morning..didnt eat anything after 6pm last night and am feeling the reward this morning ;) I had a 21st on last night but didnt end up going becuase it was a wednesday night and i didnt wanna binge after a hard days effort of resisting eating wedges & sour cream. Mmmmmm okay i work as a chef, if you didnt know that from my previous posts & such well now you know..i work with a chef who is 5 star trained in desserts, and omfg i love his food. his the bomb...but i hate it when he makes nice cakes!!! & his always saying how fat my ass is ;( damm. oh well elast he reminds me he could just not say anything then watch me explode at the sides. There is this lady at work and shes abit of a cougar, but not a very good looking one,lol, she preys on younger men and she wears these tight pants and you can see her g-string line..makes me sick. she has a huge stomach her hair cut dosnt looks like a mushroom on her head lol lol!! im so mean but i love it ;p
Alright skinnies i need to find a subsitute for chocolate/cakes..i tried drinking hot milo..but milo is full of sugar. i have found these ice creams that are probly pretty fattening but have 300 if i eat that that is like one whole meal for the day for me and a snack lol..i try to eat frozen rasberries but i just want the taste of chocolate ;( help!
Do you know what is really weird, i can eat the same thing for months on end..i counted for 4 months straight i ate baked beans on 2 salada crackers with cream cheese for lunch every day and i friggen loved it so much i couldnt stop eating it, its not very fattening, and you can get low fat cream sounds like a strange thing to eat..i kind of accidently just made it up one day and decided it tasted good and just kept eating it!!..but i did loose alot of weight, i mean that was my whole meal for the day plus a milo..not a very nutritional diet for anyone but i enjoyed eating it hhaha, plus it was summer so i was sweating alot and always walking around,shopping, lots of sexy time (LOL) and forgetting to eat..which is why i probly lost so much weight in the first place. I probly eat better now than i have ever did before becuase i care more about nutrients & vitamins.. i try to look after myself. sometimes. lol
So today gonna have a me day, going to pluck my eyebrows (cos waxing increases wrinkles on your face) shave my legs, paint my toe nails & fingers, get a hair chop, facial treatment & might go down to the local gym and get a spa massage, im in need of relaxation ;) then off to work to hang with my girls porscha & alexia..lucky we all work together! :D
Alrighty enough with my chattering, intake for today is:
b: 1 slice of wholemeal toast w. 1 scrambeled egg with chopped tomato,chives,low fat cheese,salt & pepper
l: garden salad w spinach,tomato,cucumber, baked chicken with tuscan spice & salt & pepper, laughing cow cheese
s: 1 weetbix or frozen yoghurt
d: - nothing again :D
Have a nice day my pretties ;)


  1. sigh. You live the life I want to live. Tuesday, you go shopping. Today, a whole day spent on yourself! I don't think I've ever been able to do that...

    anyways, your intake for today sounds really healthy! Good job!

  2. omg. I have the cutest little icecream sandwhichs that are 90 cals each adn there cute and mini ! there the perfect thing for a sweet tooth. I have a major sweeet toooth. Its in most of the stuff i eat through the day. I really need to turn to more fruits and veggies to fill my stomach .

    there called chapman's li'l treats li'l sammich !

  3. Hey charlie ;) You just have to make time for yourself, i take a day off work if i have to do the things i want to do becuase sometimes you just need a day for yourself. but i do start work at 11am everyday which gives me a little time before work to do things =D

    thanks, hopefully my intake stays low for a while!

    wow, i think im going to have to find those cute little ice creams they sound adorable! I hope they sell them at my supermarket! thank you so much lovelyybonees! ♥

  4. Hi, I'm Eli-- I just started a new blog (I've had one before, but I have no idea where it went, and it was ages ago!) and am looking for other people to read... your blog seems very interesting.

    It must be incredibly strange, to be an ED'ed chef, but also kind of fun.

    My ice cream sub is fat-free tart yogurt-- same texture, and way less than 300 calories. If you wanted to go for the low-fat kind, it might help prevent binges, since you do need a few of your calories to be from fat in order to be satiated.

  5. Hey babe ;) thanks for joining my blog, ill be sure to follow yours! ♥ it is extremelly weird for me considering im around it all day, it makes my day intresting anyway hehe!! Thank you for the advice :D xxx