Monday, April 5, 2010

Scales,i hate the figure you show

Okay, so i managed to get out of hosting a bbq last night.. but then i get invited to one...and the voice in my head sais "No0oooooo00oo0o!" I mean im not really an anti social person, i love going to see people..but bbqs...seriosuly watching them cook the meat with all the fat dripping off and everything is oil covered or marinated. yuck! I only went becuase it was my friends krystals 24th bday..but there was food everywhere and people were stuffing there mouths with bread rolls with fatty sausages and sqeezing an excessive amount of tomato sauce on top..i just couldnt bare it. I was going to be sick with the sight alone. I stayed strong..well atleast until she bought some cheese and crackers out, i thought i better not look to sqaure, and eat a couple, i didnt binge though i managed to control myself.. but this is exactly why i hate these kind of things, cos i know i will give in, even though i had already consummed by daily calories. grrrrrrrrrrrrr. annoyed at myself...and i never eat past 7pm so the food probly hasnt even digested, hence why i have a bloated stomach today :( damm! double damm! While i was in krystals bathroom i couldnt help but notice the scales, just sitting on the floor looking at me. wtf..i was talking to myself asking myself should i see..or not..? fuck it, ill look anyway..wasnt happy with the numbers..but i usually weigh myself in the morning, so hopefully it will be nicer to me today ;)

On new years i broke 6 ribs, and with all the pain it caused me, it actually gave me an exuse not to eat..although i wish i was abit more stricter on myself could of helped me alot now ..but dont go out and break your ribs, it fucking hurts like a mofo! you cant sneeze,cough,laugh..and hic-cups are hell itself! it fucked me for 6-8 weeks..and i kept re-breaking accident..i hit a metal tray into my ribs at work, just when they were starting to heal..but i must say i enjoyed the time off, i would go out to the local beer garden and sit with my friends in the sun......You may be wondering how i broke my ribs? ..well its called being drunk, sitting on a water bed next to a pool with about 20 people crammed on..and some idiot jumps out of the pool and onto the bed, and i was on the edge and i went flying and landed on a brick that was in the shape of a triangle standing up and CRACK!..that fucken tickled abit, shit :(

..another reason why i dont like to drink is becuase even though it hurt, i was so overly drunk i didnt notice i actually broke them until the next day. thank god i dont drink anymore, i do not miss the injuries.

Anyways.....time to plan meals for the day:
b: 1 wholemeal slice of bread w. 1 poached egg
l: 2 vita wheat crackers w. spinach,low fat cheese,tomato,thin slice of ham
s: frozen yoghurt,low cal jelly
d: -
Much needed thinspo:

Leave me comments i always reply cos i love you my little skinnies!!
stay thin & strong!


  1. hanging out at social events is a killer sometimes!
    there is so much fatty food but you don't want to get noticed for eating nothing, so you're forced to eat some!

    broken bones are definitely good for that (not that it's a good recommendation or anything :p )

    good for you for quitting drinking!
    I've had my fair share of drunken regretful escapades.
    so no more drinking, gets ourselves in too much trouble!

    hope all is well =)

  2. Heya ;) yes thats why i am starting to dislike those kind of social outings, where food is involved..but when everyone starts eating i dis appear saying i need to make a phone call or go to the bathroom for a longgggg time! lol

    Haha yeah i should just do it again, least i would be to sore to walk to the kitchen and eat lol!
    Thanks :D i am more proud mf myself than ive ever been for doing quiting and i just look at people getting drunk now! Yes agreed, does get us into too much trouble!!
    thanks hunni you too
    <3 xx

  3. Ack I hate social events. I'm heading out of town for a job for the next few days, and they're putting us up in a hotel. I just feel so pressured to eat the "bad" food when I'm out with people.

  4. Yepp i find that the people around you can be the worst influence when it comes to food, but i try and go for a better choice and get the thing with the least amount of calories, wont feel as bad i suppose! ;) x