Sunday, April 4, 2010

iPod Tunes For Ana

There you go some thinspo pics. Im in need today, as im having cravings! I hate food, it tricks you into eating it, and makes you think that your hungry.
Okay so went to the gym and i ate yoghurt before i went thinking if i eat i will just loose the calories..but actually the whole time i felt sick like i was going to purge and i got a stitch in my stomach and i had to stop. Oh well, it looks like im in for a lot of nanny naps to curve the cravings for food.

Here's some songs to put on your ipod, they remind me about ana, and eating. even though the words to the songs are about something else, i think that they are about eating, here they are:
Away- breaking benjamin
What lies beneath - breaking benjamin
I dont wanna be - gavin degraw
Halfway gone - lifehouse
I made it - kevin rudolf
Calling all skeletons - the alkaline trio
Broken Bones - birds of tokyo
Silhouettics - birds of tokyo
Fuck it - seether
Open fire (anas song) - silverchair
Heres some good music just to dance to while your at home, anything that burns calories is good,right??
Break your heart- Taio cruz
Burn it to the ground - nickelback
Give it all you got - Lil jon ft kree
Give it up to me - shakira ft lil wayne
Hatin on the club - rihanna
Just say so - brian mcfadden
Lets get crazy ( party rock mix)- cassie ft akon
Naturally- selena gomez *i love this song!! gets me movin!
Memories - david guetta ft kid cudi
World goes on - david guetta ft bruno mars ** i lovvvvvvvvve this song so much!!
Snakeskin- gyroscope
If you download these let me know if you liked them and ill put up some more, cos i have so much music..i like to curl in bed listening to my ipod when im feeling hungry.

b: bacon & egg mcmuffin - 300 cals
l: yoghurt -92 cals
s: wildberry jols 5 cals
d: -
d: big mob of water ;)

Total: 397cals ( and im feeling the pressure of wanting to eat, but im gonna keep thin and not eat anymore im more than happy than that for an intake today!


  1. I dig all the thinspo except the dumb chicks with alcohol hahaha

  2. I'm going to download a bunch of these songs after I come home from Easter dinner (ugh).

    Oh, and I was reading your recipe page. Egg beaters are eggs in a carton, like the 500ml cartons of milk. You can get different kinds, like just whites, flavoured. It's basically super processed, sodium laden, omlettes for lazy people.

  3. Hye alice, haha yeah they look pretty stupid sitting there with alcohol, i just like there legs lol..took it off hehe!

    Hey vanessa ;) Yeah i have heaps more songs, ill put them up in my next post..i think there just catchy and i like to listen to them :D Goodluck with your easter dinner babe! Oh is that what that egg stuff is, i dont think we get that here over in australia, unless ive just never seen it before.