Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sex:the calorie killer!

Okay so today ive started off with the day with a bacon & egg mcmuffin. *doh* 300 cals per muffin. i spose cos i ate that early hopefully it will burn off..stupid stupid decision though..i should have just stuck to a cup of muesli with skim milk. Today is sunday, and for the past year and a half, sunday is renovating and my boyfriend renovate this house we bought, its coming together quiet nicely. Oh, and my sister is expecting to give birth to her girl paige today..nice easter suprise for her i guess :)

Anyways, since this is my blog ill say what i want, i woke up and had sexy time this morning, and it was fucking great!! and do you know what..afterwards the first thing i thought was..that will help me loose weight. hahaha! always thinking about my weight. While we were at it, i looked down and i seen my stomach and for once it looked pretty good, until i moved the blanket and i saw my leg and im like for fuck sake i hate you stupid fat legs! you might be able to tell by now that i have a real disgust of my legs..i just want to trade them in for miranda kerrs legs. seriosuly i think i am so upset becuase i used to be 47kgs and when i moved town, and went to a new school people would call me fat, although i knew i wasnt and i think i got even more depressed and i just ate and sat at home and ate and ate,ate,ate,ate,ate,ate! and hence i was 80kgs!!

:( :( :(!

So im very determined to loose weight..i am the kind of person who gets obsessed..but not in a good way.. i now sit and look at myself in the mirror for atleast an hour a day..i just turn around and look at each part of my body..i knew that once i started a project like this on myself i wont stop until i get what i first wanted. a thin body. so i might binge out and sometimes cant control myself, but i remember after each time that its just going to get harder..and if it was easy then everybody would be doing it..and the first few days and the first week are always the worst, but once you cut out the extra calories you dont need, you realise how much you were actually eating..

well better go do something productive today, better go help my boyfriend screw... nails to the wall i mean. hehee!!

stay thin & pretty my dolls!

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  1. You're so right. I've decided that everytime I feel like I want to binge I'm just going to have sex with my boyfriend instead. It keeps us both very happy. :)