Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pill Poppin' Junkie!!

Holleey shit, i have 51 followers! wooo ;) like thats probly nothing to the people who have like 800 or watever but that number is presh to me ♥ thanks for following me guys!!!!

Alright so im eating my brekky (muesli & skim milk), and ive just popped 3 pills before i ate..yesterday i decided to go to the chemist and find some pills/shakes to help me loose abit more weight..luckily i had a chick who was heaps into loosing weight & diets and she was telling me all the pro's and cons of different pills and shit..shes like the same age and has tried it all...so i took her advice on these all natural pills. I wanted a more natural supplement cos i dont want to harm my body as much; eg: fucking up my liver,heart attacks and all that jazz. So im trying out these pills lipoburn hardcore. There aussie made and are all natural ingrediants with a hit of caffeine..they cost me $60 bucks and i take 6 tablets a day..none before bed or you go friggen loo0o0oopy and cant sleep.
So this is my 2nd day on them, and the only thing ive noticed is that ive had a little bit of a headache, but i never drink coke or coffee so ive never had a high intake of caffeiene before. I feel a little jittery and my stomach rumbles, i really hope this dosnt fuck me up!! lol..but im gonna give it a go for 2 weeks. I read on the label that increases your body temperature.. and omfg i was sweating like an arab in customs yesterday!! i felt that fucken hot! I do wear like 3 shirts under my chef jacket but ive always done that, but shit. i felt warm alright!!! These pills also help supress your appetite. yay!
Aaaaanyway i gave a lady at our work a couple of my pills cos she was lagging energy & wanted to loose weight and we were hell zippy..& we were in the coolroom eating chocolate cake, giggling like little kids in a candy shop, it was fucken weird but funny! and then crashed a few hours later., we were fucked!!!! I think i needed that cake though, i managed to burn it off i think by all the extra movement i was doing..like skipping around in the kitchen... if you were to walk into our kitchen last night you would have seen my boss who looks like carl williams, a skipping fuckin fruitcake and a out of control giggling kiwi woman. haha what a sight!!
pills,pills pills pills pills. food. pills pills pills. pills.pills pills pills pills. zing zing. pills pills pills pills pills. sleeeeep. zzzzzzz.
Theres not many reviews about these pills on the interent so im not really sure what to expect, but ill let you know. It sais your sposed to combine it with exercise and a calorie controlled diet, which i already do so hopefully this will help me shred abit more weight. Got on the scales this morning and lost a little bit of weight, almost another kilo but not quiete. (0.8kg)

Anyways i spose i better drag my ass into the shower and scrub up for work ;)
stay thin & beautiful my babes ♥


  1. I'm looking forward to see how these work for you! :)

  2. Me too! I've been wanting to get something too so let me know how it works out

  3. goodluck, hope you'll be able to sleep!