Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vitamin Lollies-lol.

"you could be empty, and i can be right here empty with you"

I came across this picture on my travels, i listened to my chem & the used for hours at a time in my room, curled up in my bed with my blanket over my stereo so mum couldnt hear..i still love them both..although i like mcr's older music rather than their new stuff. Oh and btw, i dunno how correct this info is but aparently you can keep eating vitamin C tablets cos your body expells it and it only uses what it can at a time, so you pee it i have been chewing on vitamin tablets (orange flavour) all day, it seems to have curved my sugar craving and lollie thing i have every few hours, tastes like sugar.. i should google it and find out if it has any cals?!??! Or if it is bad to eat to much. heh heh, it was a tip i got from an ana friend that i work with ;D


  1. im really into old mcr as well.
    i dont know many songs from the used, except the one you posted the other day - empty with you, loved it =)

  2. ill give you a list of a few songs that i like from them:
    - im a fake
    - take it away
    - blue & yellow
    - pain
    - i caught fire
    - buried myself alive
    - with me tonight

    these are all really good ;D hope you like them, pls tell me if you do babe

  3. arent those songs posted above this comment from The Used not mcr lol ?

    Love MCR :) and yes there old stuff is defs the best.

  4. I love the Used >=D So so much.

  5. heya yeah i was just giving a list of songs from the fave mcr song is cemetry drive ;D