Friday, April 2, 2010

A fat moment D;

Ugghhhh..! fat moment. just finished going to the gym with carlos, and because i havnt been for a little while cos of my sore ovary, i felt like a peice of shit being thrown around on the machines..the really good thing about the gym i go to,is that it has tvs playing music videos all day and there is also fashion tv so i always have some thinspo when im gyming it... BUT after, me & carlos went up town and i saw this stupid bitch taylah, which i cant fucking stand and she seen me in my gym clothes with all my fat hanging out, and she was all dolled up...and if that wasnt bad enough i run into the other girl whitney that i REALLY hate cos she wanted to bash me cos her boyfriend was being a absolute sleeze bag and trying to pick me up in great..2 people i cant fucking stand just happen to see me and they see me at my worst, why does this always happen to me...!!..the world is cruel, or maybe i should have just stayed in the car..but noooo.

when i get thin and skinny i will rub it in there face so bad....also, to my satisfaction they have put alot of weight on from going out drinking every thurs,fri,sat & sun..alcohol is pretty fattening. There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing the popular girls or the ones you really dont like put weight on. lol lol lol!!! idiots..haha!

anyways im off, i ended up getting called into work, oh well nothing more better than watching the fattys at work eating, while im fasting for hours at a time
stay thin & strong my pretties

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