Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Errrr lets say i wasnt happy with with i saw in the mirror when i woke up this morning..(thats nothing usual)...but i had the biggest fucking bags under my eyes ever and i look like a drug fucked weirdo..already!?!? its making me think i shouldnt take these pills ive never had bags that bad before. && i had the most wacked out dream....ill tell you cos i thought it was funny when i woke up: pretty much grew a seaworld from thr inside of a fridge kinda like sea monkeys, i made a man out of seaweed, watered him everyday and made friends for him in the fridge and shit..but they started to get really big and overflow the fridge...bla bla bla. fuck it was strange haha. your probly thinking umm hmm lay off the drugs lmao!!
So i think im gonna hold off on them, i was loosing weight before without the pills and alexia said i looked really down yesterday..maybe im just freaked cos there pills i dunno..well that didnt last very fuckin long did it???? im such a pansy ass. Oh well, sorrry guys i thought i could last a bit longer than like 2 days on them. I have never felt so tired when i wake up, and im used to only intaking 400-600 cals i feel pretty damm good...but these pills knocked me about..i feel like im falling asleep typing this lol...............................f.............hyj........................................g......s...........................gty.ret......3yj.
..............................jjokes. im awake!

Well on the brighter side, im going to buy a new car!!!!!! yay! this is the one im getting, same colour and all with number plates saying "steamin" its a suzuki swift. :D:D

Well last week i went around work making plans to go out this weekend...i invited a few guys who stay at our camp. I work at a camp with miners and there is 100 men who stay there, i have known the all for a year so they are like friends to me. Theres a couple called tom & will and they are hilarious i love them cos they are just sooo funny! So invited them out along with alexia,porscha,the new chick hazel, my friend roxy and nicole etc etc. i will have to post some photos...but im not even going to be drinking so atleast ill look sober..but i have a habbit of looking the most drunk when ive had the least to drink lmao!! Im going out shopping tommorow to pick out an outift..and the only shop we have in our town is like supre so ill probly be getting this dress:

I'll be sure to put up some photos from the weekend..if i buy a new camera cos mine broke in my bag the other day..*sigh* ;( dang it.
Well of to the gym with porscha this morning and i really dont think i can handle it. i feel pretty fucked, ill probly have a heart attack. like literally.
well intake; probly going to have to up it a little bit since im feeling so down from these pills.
b: muesli w skim milk. pce of toast with vegemite.
s: frozen yoghurt & fruit salad with watermelon,strawberries,passionfruit,pineapple,apple,rasberries.
l: wholewheat crackers with laughing cow cheese,spinach,chicken,tomato,cucumber
d: - nothinn!

Talk to you soon my little lovlies!!


  1. When i start taking diet pills again I always have the weirdest dreams at night, like 3-5 a night and they are always vivid.

  2. cool car! and lovin the idea of the number plate =)
    im thinkin of gettin some diet pills but theyre pretty expensive so ill have to see.

  3. wow i really enjoyed reading this post^^
    loving the dream and your car looks soooo girly :D
    if the laxatives don't make you feel good i'd dump them.
    tink thin,

  4. When I take pills I have a really bad sleep. Maybe try cutting the dosage or something.