Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just some inspiration "]

Heres some reverse & thinspo ;D enjoy my pretties x


  1. Honestly, I looked at a pic you posted in one of your posts... you are NOT fat!

    You are really pretty and you don't need to lose weight.

    I am recovering anorexic/binge eater, so I understand all of your struggles.

    Please don't starve yourself.

  2. Reverse thinspo = gross. haha.

  3. thanks, but i just need to work on my legs so they match the rest of my body, i have like a skinny top half and ghetto booty and chunky stump legs lol ;) i only starve myself for a day if ive over eaten, im probly not even a proper ana, i eat but in small portions ;D

    lol gigi, if it puts me of eating the extra cake i will bare it lol hehe!!