Saturday, April 3, 2010

Away with the food..and into the bin!!

Im so pleased with myself, went through the fridge this afternoon, and what a pretty image it is. empy and clean.. threw out all the food that will make me fat, there is just fresh fruit and light boyfriend and i live together so i think he is probly glad i cleaned out the fridge lol!!
now there is no temptaion to open the fridge or cupboard door and bing out on calories that i dont need..which if i ate extra food it would just go straight onto my legs/ass.

I also dyed my hair so it looks alot healthier than it did. still have this voice in my head that leads me away from food, every day it gets clearer and easier to listen to. i used to try and figght it, and give into my hunger pains, but i find i get used to it :D Im going to go see this chick kelly tommorw, i dont really like her, but i just put up with her cos ive known her since high school..i think she just likes to snoop on me...she has the biggest god damm boobs ive ever seen for a midget girl ..i mean seriously i think shes eaten to much KFC and the chicken hormones made her boobs grow. theyre disgsuting there so big they have stretch marks. eww.

gtg my boyfriend is a little drunk and better look after glad i dont drink anymore..although it sounds crazy but iv thought about doing crack to see if i loose weight, but i dont want to get addicted..

& hello to my new followers :D leave me comments i love you all!
love ya skinnies :)


  1. You did the right thing, but next time when you go to the shop, go past sweets and straight to the fruits and vegetables. ;]

  2. My fridge is mostly empty too. There's a bottle of ketchup and some other condiments which I almost never use and water, and low fat yogurt. . . and a bag of carrots.

    Ugh, I have giant boobs with stretch marks, and I hate them. I'd rather be flat, at least I could wear a push up bra then. Anyway, I <3 <3 <3 your blog. Stay lovely.

  3. Hey there skinny boy ;D i just walk straight past them now, i dont even bother to look cos to me if i eat anything like that i know that is another hour for me working on that treadmill lol!!

    Oh vanessa, you can use cream to get rid of them, i use to have the same problem, its called palmers body butter. i only bag kelly out so badly becuase she flops them out and shows them off, but they are very noticble white ones and she thinks they are fabulous but i guess if you got it flaunt it, right? she tries to hit on my boyfriend alot so thats probly why i try and find any fault with her lol!! i am a c cup but when i loose weight my boobs are the first thing to go.
    i love your blog too :D i read it everyday <3