Sunday, April 25, 2010


Sheee$h. i want that chicks hair colour,eyebrows & body ;) one day..or maybe im wishin lol.
Yeppp couple of days ago a 5.2 earthqauke that hit here in our town of kalgoorlie. i was just sittin in bed doin my usual (reading blogs) and the whole house was SshAakinggggg!!!!..i live in a mining town so i thought it was just a minesite blast..but uhh noo. this is my 3rd earthqauke experiance..i live almost in the middle of the dessert where everyone drives around in brand spankin new cars and live in fancy houses..its like a little rich town with people who spend money like it dosnt matter... money burns holes through peoples hands here. Lots of houses/ hotels have cracks and bricks that have fallen off them..its pretty hardcore ill have to post some pics::

I took these piccys today..
You cant really see the damage in these photos, but you can when your lookin at it. ;)

Aiiight so its me & my boyfriends 4yr anniversary today!! yays!! I woke up and made scrambleed eggs for us both,i put bacon & italian sausage,chives,onion & tomato in the eggs with skim milk..i suppose it wasnt that bad, i had a little portion though with one sice of wholmeal bread and a small glass of orange juice.

Soo just went and had lunch at my old work and had a nice day lazy in the sun drinking my skim milk iced coffee & workin on my tan lol.. i have just had the best day today & i got a feeling its only gonna get better. im sooo in a love mood♥ right now. i just love everything. im giving myself a little breathing space from my ED and enjoying my day..but tommorow i will be extreme on myself so im just gonna enjoy this while i can..My boy is takin me out to this 5 star restaurant tonight..i think i will just have soup, probly the saest option or salad.

alright..goin to the cinema tonight, dunno what we are watching, i just kinda wanna lay at home on the couch and watch it on our tv..our tv is like 60" anyway so its pretty big... and i wanna watch avatar...but sometimes i get in these funny little kid moods where i wanna watch aladdin or the lion king :P heheee.

Last night to hold of my cravings for evil food, i cleaned the whole house, sorted out all my clothes and gave like 6 big bags of my clothes to this girl angela who is 13 and im sure shes gonna love it cos all my clothes are pretty exxy..and shes always wanted my louis vuitton bikinis so i gave them away to her, along with my old hadbags & jeans...oh well i uess i better buy some more clothes now haha!!! but i need to save..damm. oh well when i go to china hopefully i can buy heaps of rip off deisnger clothes lol

So intake:

b: scrambeled eggs ( ingrediants up there^^)

s: strawberry yoghurt - 90 cals

l: light iced coffee with skim milk and ceasar salad with no dressing

d: - probly soup,yepp. or nothing if i can

Well im off to sit on the couch under the air con with my blanket, cuddled up to my boy..and enjoy the rest of the day. have fun my pretties
ciao ciao my skinnies!!


  1. have fun today =)
    congrats on ur anniversary =)

  2. Congratulations on 4 years! I'm sorry to hear about the earthquake. They just seem to be happening all over the world lately.

    Also, that girl looks pretty damn fake from head to toe. And she kind of looks like a snot.

  3. Must agree with Alice, that girl looks incredibly fake >< Sorry but I hate girls like that x.x

    Congrats on four years!! That's so cute :) Have a good time out for dinner tonight! =]


  4. Happy Anniversary! And yea, that girl looks like she's trying to shit out a beluga whale. I'm sure you look tons better than her...

  5. awwwh thanks guys ♥ ;) i had a greattt day! i really like her hair colour though..she has really large boobs and a small body...her pose is a bit gay though haha!!!

    yeah lucky my house wasnt cracked or anything from the earthqauke i was away from that all woot, ;D