Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I eat numbers not food =D

Okayyy so this is me (look at those flabby arms, my legs are worse!) people think that the blonde girl in the picture on the right is me, but that is the image i find attractive in a girl..healthy,smiling and thin =D I hope no one from my town reads my blog lol, oh well you get that. i wish i was more skinnier, i cant help but count the caloric content in my head; everytime i eat something it has a number on it, i dont see food i see numbers. I keep letting myself down by eating rocky road, fuck WHY am i so addicted to sweet things & chocolate..sure it makes me feel happy for a moment but makes me miserable later. evil evil rocky road. Well on the positive side of things alexia and porscha are now my gym bum buddies hehe we have gym dates which is really good, i need some extra motivation to get my ass out of bed. i love them to bits, they are the most awesomest chicks you'll ever meet and we all want to loose weight. plus plus ++


lexi was talking about these horse tablets?? not sure what they are but shes getting some and what they do is they highten your body temperature by 1 degree so it makes your body sweat and you loose a kilo a day, your sposed to stay on them for 3 weeks and then go off them cos your body builds up antibodies for them or soemthing..sounds abit iffy i dont wanna mess with tablets that are ment for horses, i dont want to have a heart attack either..but id friggen love to loose a kilo a day!! fuck yerr!

time to plan my meals today:

b: muesli w skim milk - 300 cals, its probly not but i like to overadd my cals so that if ive miscalculated somewhere ive made up for it, but im sure its like 200-250 cals ;)

l: 2 vita wheat crackers w. spinach,tomato,lauhghing cow cheese -lets say 250 cals to be safe
s: frozen yoghurt- 80 - 90 cals depending on brand & flavour

d: - nothingg. yepp lovin goin to bed on a empty stomach feel so good in the morning!!

well im off to do abit of shopping therapy!! i need some new clothes & stuff, new camera & gym clothes..gotta look good when i go to the gym- you know..i like to feel good when im wearing good clothes haha, even if its only the gym lol.
love you my little pretty skinnies, leave me comments i love you all!!


  1. you're too hard on yourself...i don't see flabby arms, I see a pretty girl (and a collarbone!)

    and i'm jealous that you're shopping. I wish I could join! Hope you found something good!

  2. Youre sooo pretty!! :) I love your collarbones!
    Have fun shopping girlie,

  3. aww thank you ;) i think i have to be hard on my self or i lash ut on the food and stack on the weight..thank you charr :D but i think theres still some room for improvement :)

    yepp, i hope so too i wish you could join me to charlie =) i absolutly love shopping!!

  4. you have a really cute face and i dont think your arms look flabby at all =) pretty hehe
    you calorie count was really good =) and i love going to bed hungry, i sleep better that way. i love being hungry full stop lol.
    hope you find pretty clothes to match ur pretty face :D

  5. thanks ;) i seem to think my calorie intake is still to high but i can work on it i think :D your so nice. yep its amazing how good you feel hen you wake up, stomach feels flat. i actually am starting to like feeling hungry now. hehe :]
    thanks hunni