Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Still fat today, thinner tommorow im hoping ;)

Okay wow, look how healthy, happy and skinny that girl is at the top, i want to be like that!! & a howdy doo to my new followers :D It gives me so much inspiration & motivation when i get new followers! ;D If theres something i else i love just as much as loosing weight, its my products for my face & fashion! Since porshca called up and said she got called into work, i canned working out *sigh* even though i know i shouldnt have, cos i really need to work off those thunder thighs and handles bars on my hips, i decided to go buy some products for my face..the best thing that has worked for me so far is this product called "clean start" by dermologica, i tried a sample the other day which i got from girlfriend magazine(lol shame)and it is like sex on my face..haha its that good!! If it dosnt work for ya, that sucks, but its just cleared my face up and made it look clean and fresh!

The gym i go to sell this, so i technically did go to the gym but not to work off my fat, so im gonna have to work extra hard tommorow!..im so fat! ughh! fatty fatty fatty. I take pride in how i look (unfortunatly my body isnt up with the times) and found that if i fuss around with beauty products i forget about eating...I still think that even though im not eating as much as i was, i should take care of myself in other ways, if you look healthy than no one can say you look dull and need to eat..its just alot easier to hide from people if your looking healthy on the outside...its all about tricking people. its like a game to me. i have to win, and what i will win at the end is thiness and beauty, then ill be just the way i want to be.

Heres a few things i do to stop eating & to look after myself:

-give my self a mani/pedi

-have extra long shower and scrub myself pretty

- wax my legs, moisturise

- take womens multi-vitamins, fish oil tablets

-pluck my eyebrows

-clean; fold all my clothes,change sheets every week,washing,vacuum

- i carry a photo of the body i want in my wallet when i want to buy food from the shops so it stops me from buying a bad choice
- stare at my body in the mirror when i think about binging

- brushing my teeth constantly makes food taste gross when i go to eat it whos laughing now, stupid calories!)

- watch jerry springer, seeing all those fat feral people makes me feel good about myself and makes me not eat food! LOL
If you got any tips comment me & tell me yours ;) it all helps us out!!
Okay love you long timeeeeeee my skinny minis!


  1. The 2 fat pictures, especially the last one, made me laugh!

    One of my favorite distractions is to listen to music. Some of the things you do are the same as what I do.

    I watch Jerry Springer too, it is both good and bad thinspo!

  2. haha the fat picture was thinspiration for sure :) haha , I wanna be like that girl at the top too :( so far to go for me !

  3. well done on the 78--->66
    my gw is also 55.
    you absolutely rock.

  4. I like the idea of carrying a photo of a body you want around. I might try that.

  5. O, your blog make me think to start my diet! Bikini season is really near :0

  6. Yep i wanna be like that girl up the top too! Thanks reme ") im really hoping i get there, i want to be thin sooo bad ;D goodluck hunni, i will keep track of you so we can see how each other is going! ;) Hey Kata, yesss in australia it is winter, but even though its winter its still fairly hot enough to still go for a swim! I want to look good in a bikini too!
    take care my pretties!