Friday, April 9, 2010

Surviving The Weekend ;o

A good way to start the day, with a lil bit of thinspo ;D Awwwft :( my computer has this thing where this warning pops up and its hard for me to open the internet..its being gay! Yesterday was a somewhat satisfactory effort on my behalf. I didnt eat as much i usually did, except the major let down in my day was ate 9pm i decided to stay back and play a game of pool/snooker with a few work mates and a couple of locals...should have just gone home and starved the rest of the night until i slept, but no couldnt help my little fingers reaching into a small packet of peanuts...just as i ate a couple of peanuts a girl charlene who used to work with me was really drunk and yelled across the bar "kristin are you pregnant" i had the biggest suprised ( =O ) and most disgusted look ive had on my face, i was really offended, i turned around and said " no, do i look it" and shes like "nah someone just told me you were" and i was like get fucked you fat bitch ( thats what i said under my breath lol) . she was probly trying to have a dig becuase her boyfriend was chatting to me all night, and she looked like a feral pig that just came of a farm..she is like a man, i decided not to fire up, becuase im so used to being picked on i take on anyone and abuse the shit out of them...but decided against it thinking i might get bashed by her.. so i decided to walk outside and have a icey water and another bush pig starts on me..shes like "is that a long singlet or a dress, cos i cant tell" and im like "its a dress" shes like it looks to small to be a dress it must be a like watever just cos you have to hide your muffin top with a baggy shirt. fuck i hate girls in this town, all stupid fat moles who think they own the joint. Lucky carlos came, he is like my bodygaurd slash pretend older one picks a fight with him cos his a boxer and would crack them in the face. i wish i had the strength to do it, but since im feeling so weak i dont think i should be picking fights with fat bush turkeys. lol. the sooner i get out of this town the better, i am surrounded by a sea of fat people. where all the skinny people at,lol?!?
im still still still still still still still fat.
im still still still still still still still fat. :(
Anyway, gotta survive this weekend! (from food) i have 2 partys in the same night, but i have to work, so hopefully by the time i get there the food will be gone and everyone will be so drunk they wont ask me to have a drink. My best friend porscha dosnt drink and im so glad, she is on a fitness hype like me, but she dosnt know that im devolping an ED, or i could already have one. I dread the day when she finds out cos she is gonna slap me out of this world..and its gonna leave a mark! lol. but i can hide it abit longer im hoping. So these partys are both dress ups, and the first one im going to is a 70's theme, where i have a long blonde wig and a yellow sequin dress, i will have to stop eating at 5pm if i want to have a flatter stomach, cos the dress is very figure hugging =S but hopefully im gonna dance some calories of there..hehe. and the second is a 21st, which is a alice in wonderland theme, im going as the queen of hearts :P im hella excited. If i was like lindsay lohan i would have a small body and a big head, which would match my character fine lolol.
ill blog in my intake tommorw, ill see what the day holds for me, i have a rough idea of what im going to eat...not much!!
stay thin & beautiful my pretties!!

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