Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I almost forgot,..

Here's a couple of songs to lisen to..this is my kind of music choice..you dont have to like it..but i do ;D

empty with you- the used
alejandro - lady gaga
flash back- calvin harris
nothin on you- b.o.b feat bruno mars
opportunity- pete murray
your love is my drug - ke$ha

tell me if you like any of them, if you download them???


  1. Cool points for you for liking the Used <3 Love themmm.
    Alejandro is so good too, stuck in my head x.x

  2. i love Ke$sha! especially that song :P

  3. i shall check them out =) they sound like the kinda music that i like =)

  4. Ke$ha is basically my fav person ever :) I'll check the rest out too!

  5. hey i checked out some of the music on here and i wanted to tell you i really really like pete murray!! =] thanks for sharing

  6. Heya, yepp i love the used ive been listening to them for a few years now and i loveee them ♥ i love abit of mixed stuff, i listen to all sorts ;DD so ill be sure to post more song choices up when i go through my ipod!!
    love you all