Monday, May 31, 2010

shennanigans & giggles ;;)

OOkay back ;D Well im not saying try this or anything but for the past few weeks ive just been eating twice a day and drink shitloads of coffee with skim milk and have dropped a few kgs. .the two things i eat is a breadroll with mayo,ham and tomato at 12 at lunch and drink a coffee after aswell.. and then around 5pm eat another breadroll with the exact same stuff and if im hungry that day a bowl of yoghurt. I kind of made this half ass diet up by myself if u cant tell lol.. it goes alright!! Oh and another thing with this, you must be getting plenty of sexy time hahah lol.

Anyways i have been going so far of the rails my train has a mind of its own... Had the best sunday ever!! When i was sposed to be going out for that walk, i got distracted and went and seen my friend kelly..ended up sitting in her bed listening to nirvana smoking was kinda cool to just to chill.. ( i know, i started smoking again,wooopsies) ..anyway she got up n had a shower, then we drove around to her boyfriends mums house. ( her boyfriend used to be gay, but turned back straight) ..kinda confused me, but he is wicked cool and i love him to bits!!! Anyway didnt realise my old worst enemies were there to, but we made up a few weeks ago and its all sweet..i seriously had the best fuckin day in my life..the weather was hell nice, a little sunny with a warm wind..i layed on the trampoline smoking looking up at the sky thinking how fucking great my life is...and that song "wake me up when september ends" by greenday came on the probly going to relate that song to that day now... i sound like i live in a fantasy world wearing rose coloured glasses..oh well i appreciate the good little things in life...

So ended up playing this card game called "faggot" dunno if anyone has played that game but it sucks cos you get so smashed (especially if you dont understand the rules lol)..i was drunk at 1pm in the afternoon. lmao...had a few too many coronas! Ended up walking down to the footy oval where there was another town versing our home town..anyway getting to the point ended up this girls jess's place in her shed smoking weed...she has it all decked out with fairy lights and strobes with a big stereo...and there was about 10 of us sitting around a table smoking weed.. and its not like were all a bunch of feral druggies, there were some people i would have never guessed smoke weed cos they look so prim and proper..i guess you cant judge people by its cover,thats for sure!
my boyfriend came and saw me and he was like WTF, i thought he was going to kick my ass..but he was all cool with it once he was drunk lol..fuck it was a wicked day..cos of the weed we all started giggling, i had tears coming down my face from laughing so hard..then hell got the munhcies. FUCK..hahaha. i ate like 2 blocks of chocolate and 3 bags of chips. lucky im not a full time stoner! I had like 7 bongs in a row and i had been drinking all day and my boyfriend had a 6 pack of beer and ended up in the garden vomiting everywhere lol..i feel so hardcore right now haha..he threw up on my friends dogs head. it was sick, i almost hurled...the trip home was so bad, i had to drive back home which is half an hour away but it took me an hour cos i was driving so slow, i thought bushes were running into the side of the car..i think that was the weed making me trip out lol..but i counted 16 kangaroos on the way home and 6 rabbits..4 kangaroos ran infront of the car while i was driving, lucky i didnt hit one that could have been intresting.. a stoner and a guy who keeps throwing up, stuck out bush could have been funny... so wake up yesterday about 2pm and look down the side of the car and there is all vomit down the side..gross! my little baby car :( it was sooo worth it though. great night.

anyways that post was me just rambling about crap, sorry i put you guys throw that strange read. i just felg like talking about it hahah. hopefully my posts get more intresting one day.

love you long timeeeeeeeeeee. ♥



  1. haha your posts are so much more interesting thn my every day life.

  2. WOW. that was interesting.your life sounds like a party...x

  3. im glad u had so much fun. i love nights like that too. just totally randomly fun with loads of alcohol and weed =)

  4. oh don't kid yourself... your posts are more than interesting.
    He threw up on your dogs HEAD?
    xoxo, melissa

  5. hi, i live in Italy and lucky for me i learned english in 6 grade. i like your blog it's very inspirational. i even started my own blog. please give me support.

  6. You haven't posted in a long while! I hope you're ok =[

  7. U havent posted in such a long while.. I miss all ur interesting and out of this world stories lol