Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spot the Difference?!?

Just posted some pics from my personal collection lol. First one is from last year when i went to melbourne aqaurium. The other is christmas in melbourne,which was awesome! and the last but not the damage i can do with a nail gun!... i shot my boyfriend with a nail gun by accident and got him through 2 fingers :S i almost passed out when i did it. i thought he was joking when he screamed and said "fuck you shot me with a nail" and i was like "phfft whatever" his like 'look' and i was like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wtf! shit!! i was screaming haha. the things my boyfriend has to put up with!!
So ages ago me an dylan "dylanger" (who i mentioned in my last post) got our friend jade to take some professional photos of us..i was looking through mine, and these photos were taken when i was at my heaviest last year..and now that i have lost some weigh whent i look at these pics i cringe at the thought i looked like that in some point of my life.. I do see some improvement this year, i have my collar bones back, my arms arents as chubby and ive lost weight around my face. So me and dylan are getting some more taken this year to see the difference. His photos turned out better than mine, but his also lost more weight since these photos were taken. Heres a look at the pics:
&& all i can say is gross.
Sooooo my plan today is to sleep or keep my self occupied so i dont eat food. i have a shitload of tafe work i just cannot be fucked doing even though i know i have a test tommorow and a whole bunch of shit to hand in.. i mean this is to get my diploma in commercial cookery and i fuck around something chronic. Instead of doing work that will help me with my future i might just go see kelly and play with play doh :P haha. wooo.
Got another bbq on tonight aswell, i live in a world where bbqs is something that happenes every weekend..even throughout the week. this is something i cant escape from it seems. good thing is it will be like 8pm so i can just say i already ate and discard myself from eating those fatty sausages with bread..turning away bbq food is easy..its the nibblies they put on the table that shit cheese/dips crackers, chips and shit like this..cos ill sit there talking and not realise im picking up food to eat it..and im not even hungry? i just do it cos its a social thing and everyone else is doing it. i call this the sheep effect. i do this alot..see people eating then i eat aswell, knowing that im not even hngry but i do it anyway. I think i pis myself off more than anyone else ever could.

On the plus side, a guy from work said my bum is getting smaller. lol. i was kinda happy but then im like so he thought it was fat before..damm. maybe its cos i was wearing black pants instead of chef pants... i felt like ive been out of control a little lately though..i realised that i can put my leg over my head..this comes to a suprise cos my gut would usually stop me. that was pretty random.
Im going to rape my boyfriend this week. i need sexercise!
Well might head out for a walk its nice and sunny today and im in the mood to pound the pavements and loose some KG's.
Gonna try out those idea's that you guys told me for snacks today!! wish me luck on not consuming to many calories!!


  1. I saw the nail picture and nearly vomited on my keyboard. Thanks for making me lose my appetite.

  2. ouch, haha the nail picture, aw, that mustve hurt

    youre absolutely beautiful btw. :)

  3. haha that nail picture looks pretty gross indeed :P!!
    Wow, but that picture of melbourne aqaurium looks great! I'm going to Australia in October, so i guess i'm going to see the aqaurium too :D Btw, you are a pretty girl if you ask me..

  4. wow u guys look so cute together.... and the nail picture is just so... sorry but gross! that looks extremely painful /xo