Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New love: True Blood.

Okay so i been a good little girl the past few days, i havnt been eating any sweet stuff or cake :) yay. i just been drinking diet coke which is 1.5 cals..but i dont really like fizzy drinks cos im sus theres lots of sugar hidden. Ive cut down alot, and the first 3 days not eating much is the hardest but if i keep myself busy i dont notice. Im working 10 days straight this week and its been so hectic...but i realise that i dont eat cos im so flat out..this will be good for me, since ive been having a little trouble loosing those few extra kilos that have been bugging the shit out of for me for the past week. Still sitting at the same weight, hasnt gone up or done..kinda just flat. I still am motivated to loose weight so this si good, usually i just fall off the motivation cycle and give up. but not yet :D im driven to get nice toned legs this time round :):):)
Alright, now im one of those girls when handed a tv series in dvd form i sit there and watch every episode. eg: when my boyfriend bought me gossip girl season 1 & 2 i made sure i watched every episode until there were no more discs. Well my friend nix gave me a dvd series of the tv show on foxtel called "True Blood" and OMG i fucking love it so much! Its so addictive to watch! its kinda like a less pansy version of twilight, im not knocking twilight cos i like that too..but this is just way better and similiar in some kind of ways. I watch it and its kinda like thinspo aswell..cos there all walking around in mini dresses and short shorts. (well the chicks are lol) ..but the thing i like most about it, is that there not all skinny super models with hot vampire boyfriends..i mean its kinda realistic in a way..but not. i dunno i guess you gotta watch it for yourself..deffinatly check it out!!! Oh and the theme song is so catchy once you listen to it haha!
Okay so heres whats pumping on my ipod atm: (new & old songs)
love lost- the temper trap
unbroken- stan walker
getting over you- david guetta feat.fergie,lmfao,chris willis
since youve been gone- powderfinger
your loves a drug- leighton meester
wish you well- bernard fanning
fortune faded- red hot chilli peppers
glam- christina aguliera
Well now thats ive cleaned my whole house its time to go to work :( nooooooooo. there is a freaky guy who is in love with me there at the moment. it creeps me out. Ha how weird there is a guy who looks like edward cullen at our work...his names chris but i say hi edward everytime i see him..i dont think he understands yet? or maybe his used to it lol. im gonna try and get a picture of him to show you all haha. i nearlly had a heart attack cos i thought it was robert pattinson haha. lmao.
b: 2 slices of wholemeal bread w scrambled eggs
s: yoghurt with chopped rasberries & 2 minute noodles
l: not sure yet?????
d: - none!
drinks: diet coke & water
Hmmm theres a 21st on this weekend and i dont wanna go, wtf is wrong with me.. oh well i guess i dont wanna go out and party until my body has improved dramtically. looks like ill be inside for a while. its almost winter anyway, too cold to party haha.
Talk to you soon my pretties♥


  1. True Blood is amazing! The next season starts in June and I'm literally salivating for it.

    I'm glad you're still motivated! Your diet for the day sounds healthy and yummy. And you're right. It's almost winter...and after winter comes another bikini season....damn. Will the cycle never end? :)

  2. love True Blood, I'm with Charlie, can not wait for it to start again!!!

  3. Yepp me too!! I pre ordered the second season and hopefully get it next week! Cant wait for season 3 wooooot!