Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ahoy me skinnies! ♥

Helllloooo i seem to be missing in action at the mo' sorry guys!! I dunno what i been doing lately to be still fighting myself and my weight..nothing new there i spose. I think ive been a real slack ass.
Well went n did some "man shopping" today with my old friend dylan aka. "dylanger" because he dosnt like to have a boring name lol. We were joined at the hip almost everyday for all of our high school years, he also went through the same thing as me, batteling with weight...he was really really fat (hard to belive) and he has lost over 40 kilos!! Im so proud of him, girls now come up to him and say his really hot but he tells them to fuck off cos they never liked him before when he was fat. which i think is fair..but people do look better when they are skinnier i spose. Soo0o we went to cotton on and dressed in some pretty outrageous clothes.heres some photos i took on my phone, i dressed him in these! lmao!!:
Um yeah we have really big bags, we could almsot fit in them haha..well we tried to climb in but the shop person was lookin at us like we were on crack or somethin haha.I know, i still look like a fat blob..but the clothes im wearing dont really help either..what was i thinking.??????And this is my most recent photo, i know im looking abit fake and very fat :S but i plastered on the make up cos i was going out :) lol. true kalgoorlie style. stfu anyway if u dont like it lol. Most girls look like they have concrete caked onto their faces and you could get a trowel and scoop it off LOL. i got the hell ghetto earrings happening there ;D cha ching!

Anyway since i have had a really big fat day with an overload of fatty food and binging i have decided to go on strike with food again. im just not gonna eat as much during the day..and since its my 2 days off im just gonna sleep so i dont eat. yeppp. sounds good to me! Me and my friend lexi are having a competition who can loose the most weight in 2 months. and we decided who ever wins is gonna shout the other person a trip to bali is so cheap so its only a $100 flight and some its only like a $500 bet..which i dont wanna loose lol!! I guess it gives me abit of motivation aswell. so FUCK YOU FOOD. muwahahahahaha.

Next friday i get my new tattoo on my foot, its gonna be dardy as! Ill post piccys! Well im really not looking forward for next week i have to work a week :( but i get 4 days off and im soo going sun baking in the beer garden at judds. woop woop. ill take my dylan and we'll sit out in the sun all day. yay. i need to work on my tan its heaps fading and im all pasty n shit. shudder shudder shudder.

Well in my last post i said i was gonna scan a page from my fitness diary, i will do that on monday kk. ;) I need some snack kinda just sticking to watermelon at the moment..but its kinda sugary and yoghurt makes me feel fat now. maybe just chewy gum or pumpkin seeds? id love to hear your suggestions guys!!

stay thin & pretty♥ xo


  1. you look so cute!

  2. i think that pic of u is really pretty
    i love ur face, its so cute =)
    and i cant see how u think u look fat on that pic but hey, i feel like i look fat on all my pictures too, so what can i say?
    good luck with the losing of weight, im sure ull do absolutely fantastic!

  3. you're so adorable! I love your makeup! and your guy friend is good looking!
    jeez I agree, some girls just cake that shit on. bleeehhh.
    snack ideas ... grapes! I usually eat those when I get the munchies.
    or raspberries!!! sooo yummy :)
    carrots and celery? cucumbers?
    but yeah, gum is good too. I chew on peppermint gum, cause then the taste is so strong you don't want to eat anything else, cause then it'll just taste like shit.
    or a smoothie! sorry I just thought of that.

    hope those ideas help :)
    much love. xox

    ps. I hope you win the bet!

  4. I actually thought that was a thinspo pic until I read your post. You're cute!

  5. i think you look great on that pic, honestly! and that battle with your friend really must be some great motivation! i wanna go to bali too.... my bestie has just been there and she loved it! as snack i like to have self-made apple chips! just cut them verry thin and put them in the oven for at least 20min. delicious.... :)

  6. Hey pretties♥
    thanks for all those snack idea's im gonna try them all out in this week to come!! Yumm. :) Thanks @physcomatic those are some rerallyu handy snacks & tips :D
    Thanks for all your nice comments guys, you always make me feel so loved hehe.If i win that trip to bali i will be so stoked cos i havnt been there yet! WOO, i hope i win too lol.