Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WOW, IM BACK!!!!!! 2011

OKayyyyy,so i know its been like forever since i wrote my last blog, and its even sorry guys that its been so long..i just thought i should get back into my blog..ive changed abit,worse and for better...put more weight on becuase i just let myself go so i better snap back into it!!!!!! God, the worst thing about this whole sitch that im in, is that my boyfriend told me that my stomach was bigger than my boobs..which is horribly offending i was really hurt when he said that..i know im not as thin as i was when i was 16 when he met me and i look at photos and i wanna get down to 47kgs just seems so hard somedays and i have gotten lazzzzzy as fuck and i started a new job where everyone is old and theres just no iinspo and im so bored i eat..and drink milo..

I guess what got me back into all this is was from wathcing the tv show "too fat for 15"
so you can expect to hear more from me ya'\ll :D:D:D im hell tired,i went from perth to sydney to melbourne and im FUCKED! exhausted and i have hayfever so FML right now and im fat,yay. talk soon my pretties xx


  1. My little sister once told me to stop working on my abs because me tummy sticks out further than my boobs. Of course, abs have nothing to do with that, but it threw me off completely, so I get what you're saying. I've found that just eating less and less gets rid of that problem.
    Good luck, hunny!

  2. Thanks babe! Yeah i am just eating less and less now,but i have been so out of control for the past few months is get back to where i was is gonna be major effort D: Yeah abs are completly diff,least its toned..mine is not that bad im jut not eating past 6pm and i wake up with a flat stomach :)

  3. heyyy :) so glad ur back!!!! i started reading ur blog right before u stopped posting so i was pretty bummed out. do you have a pt account? u can add me :) and read my blog too