Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hospital is good for fasting,but thats it..

Got put into hospital today, but wasnt for being unhealthy or anorexic conditions..i had a sist burst on my ovaries .OUCH!! like MEGA EPIC OUCH! so i ate brekky at 10am and left at 6pm..and felt so happy that i couldnt eat anything from the hospital because they had me fasting..whoo hoo. although its not all good news, as soon as i left i felt the need to treat myself and indulged! NOOOOOoooOoO! So i will have to be extra strict on myself tommorow! I cant even write what i ate today becuase im so dis appointed...i know im not a proper ana but i am picking up the principles, and i need the rules for myself. i know its important to keep myself healthy and eat nutrients so i try but eat very little portions.

Okay i know this post is soooooooooo long but my boss just puts me off food so bad..its good! lol. he ate 3 sausage rolls smothered in tomato sauce. ew. i was just looking at him like gross..look at all that fat your eating! and he tells me he only eats 3 small meals a day with no snacks. BULLSHIT buddy! haha, he is like a friend to me, but he just disgusts me with his eating habbits! lol

So i seen this intresting new shop open up in my town, and it sparked abit of intrest to was a liposuction/ body sculpting parlour. just need to save about $5000.00 to get it done, so theres another goal i can work on. I am going to queensland, and there are so many skinny good looking girls over there, that if i dont loose the weight before i go my self esteem will be so bad that i will end up ruining the trip with my bad moods.

I have a couple of great thinspo movies to watch & they are:
dying to dance.

Talk soon my lovlies


  1. Oh god, a burst cyst sounds horrible. Hope you're feeling better. Keep up with the blogging. You're a very interesting person; funny too. :D

  2. hey ;D yeah it was horrible, i hope it never happens again! Thanks! ;D that means alot to me, i only have a few followers & sometimes i feel like im rambling to myself! xx