Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cocktail Mix Of Diets!

okay so i just read this thing saying that fasting only gets rid of body fluid and you stack it back on. you can read it here at and just type in fasting in the searh box) <<, pretty good site gives you a lot of tips!

so now i think im going to make a mixture of a diet including ana principles, exercise,calorie counting but eating a little bit more than just a grape a day. I am one confused girl, if only there were one diet that every human should stick to, it would be fucking fantastic and i wouldnt be the way i am. Or even better i could wave a magic wand and that fat would go away! i cant help but to bash my self esteem when i over eat though. although i have learnt not to eat past 7pm, which with my old eating habbits i used to have a big meal and wake up the next morning with a huge fat stomach..i like waking up feeling empty ;D I will still post thinspo though cos that does help me alot when im having thoughts of eating things like cakes,lollies,fast food etc. & im still going to post what i eat. if it works ill let you know!!


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