Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Music for your eyes & ears :)

Helllooo my lovlies, so after my first post im getting back into this whole blog thing again,even changed the look of my blog :D
Soo0o im in melbourne at the moment,went shopping this was okay i suppose kinda had a win...most shopping trips end up with me almost in tears and mostly out of fustration becuase if it isnt the fake bubbly hot girls hitting on your boyfriend,its the fact that the sizes are so fucked up i cant find many things that properly fit me and it starts to get hot in the change rooms and it makes so0o0o0o0o0 ANGRY!..i might just be getting fatter but some times i can get into a 6 and other shops i cant even get into a size 12. its literally fucked!

Anyway im staying with my boyfriends family, just his 2 sisters live in this house..and his sister ashley who is 23 just totally shits me..she sounds like a boat foghorn and has no volume control of her voice and she just yells all day, its like shes stuck in permanent CAPS LOCK...when she was skinny a size 6 she was so quiete and really pretty and never said a word, now shes gained weight from pregnancy and has turned into a size 16 and shes just so fking loud,sometimes i wanna shoot her..good reverse inspo though..when i see her eating i just remind myself that i might end up like her and i put my food back down...she didnt just get fat becuase of pregnancy she just eats mcdonalds for every meal of the day and then wonders why her ass hangs out of her jeggings. geeesh.

Tonight i have mixed martial arts class on, and i went for a bike ride earlier and nearlly fell off into the street cos the seat was riding up my crouch it was make me wobble all over the place was i was wearing stockings and i didnt want to rip them,instead id rather fall off the bike ( i have no idea where my logic comes from?)

But i also have a lot of catching up on glee and jerseylicious so im gonna stay up abit tonight.
Im really wanting to dye my hair,cos everytime i see a blonde chick i am so envious her there long blonde locks,i have long dark brown extensions in,kinda like the kim kardashian style but i just want blonde hair dammit! theres just something more feminine about blonde hair..not that im knocking brunettes becuase i am one,i just want to see if blondes do have more fun!

Today i ate:
b: 1 x wholemeal bread slice with 1 cup of hot baked beans
1xboost banana smoothie <<>
l: -
d: 1x small sushi wrap with tuna and advocado
drinks: 3 x 1L bottles iced water (helps burn calories)

I really need to get back into counting my calories,becuase its so out of wack right now. I used to be so educated about my calorie intake, but i let myself go. Evil evil food! And i feel so down for not having any self control for so long. Grrrrrr...its just so fustrating :(:( But i should think positive and pull myself out of bad eating habbits and get healthy :):):):)
Oh btw,heres some good songs to d/l im in love with these songs right now:
Pricetag- b.o.b feat jessie j
E.T. -katy perry
Rocketeer- far east movement
The show goes on- lupe fiasco
Take over control- Eva simmons
Invincible- Kelly rowland
Holy moly- Motorcade
Young blood- the naked & famous
Keep dancin on my own- robyn
The ballard of mona lisa- panic at the disco
Nieve- the kooks
So if you listen to any of these,let me know what ya think ;)
Or write your own down in the comment box,cos i always love hearing new stuff!
I'll put up some inspo up in my next post! pinky promise ;)
Talk to you soon my pretties!!

love you long timeesssssssssss xx


  1. I love those songs. Do you like Angels and Airwaves? True Love is one of my favourite songs, well, that whole record is amazing..! Justin Bieber is pretty catchy, too.

    My darling, I know the feeling of frustration in the fitting room. It hurts so much when things don't fit right. But then you actually realize how much work you have to do and how hard you have to work for it.

  2. hahaha i laughed so hard at your bf's sister'ass hanging out of her jeggings
    and i swear pricetag is my new fave song.. i sang it at open mic last week

  3. Yeahhh im so happy your back!
    I have always read and followed your blog! :D
    Im going back on a diet too.. Hope its gonna work this time for me.. Your a great source of inspiration, thank you.

    Love Anna

  4. I dont know if you know, but i went to Australia almost a year ago. Just say your menu from last week.. And i have to say: those Boost smoothies are to die for!! OMG :D! Always had the all berry bang, hihi! Its so sad that we dont have those in Amsterdam.. sucks!